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Ritual 4 Letters to Your Future Self

Ritual 4 Letters to Your Future Self

Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey

3 paper letters
Ritual 4 Letters to Your Future Self

A reminder to acknowledge steps taken and embrace those yet to come.

Ritual: #4
Release: #1
Release Date: May 10th, 2024

Age: At least 5 Years
ABV: 61.55%
Price: $84
Total Bottles: 172

Organic Grains
Michigan grown grains
Originally crafted in a Organic Kosher Facility
BIPOC-Woman co-owned and led

70% Corn
25% Wheat
5% Rye

Tasting Notes:
On the nose, rich peanut butter, sweet butterscotch, and brown sugar lead to a palate of earthy tobacco, juicy cherries, baking spices, subtle leather, vanilla, and caramel, culminating in a long, warm finish with a rich, medium body.

Blender's Story:
We chose Journeyman Distillery to commemorate the friendships that helped us get started. When Drew was starting 18th Street Distilling, Journeyman mentored him. When we embarked on our whiskey venture, Drew paid it forward by guiding us.

This release celebrates that chain of camaraderie. We're honored to work with Journeyman, known for their certified organic and kosher spirits.

-Steve Nease, Minister of Blending

Distilled and aged at Journeyman Distillery, Three Oaks, Michigan

Bottled by our friends at Nobleton’s Distilling House
Union, Franklin County Missouri, USA.

How to buy it:
We currently only sell our whiskey at special events at the Perennial Brewing locations. Follow our email list to find out about our next sale.

At Common Ritual, we're on a mission to connect whiskey lovers to the diverse cultures and traditions that exist everywhere.


As an independent bottler, we focus on farm-to-bottle distilleries with deep connections to their land and communities. We see ourselves as stewards of their stories and strive to tell new stories with those foundations.

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Purchase during special events at Perennial Artisan Ales Brewery & Taste Room. Subscribe to our email to hear about our next sale.

8125 Michigan Ave. St Louis, MO 63111

Perennial building. Wheelchair accessible.
Common Ritual bottle
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