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Ritual 3 Spinning Vinyl

Ritual 3 Spinning Vinyl

Double Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey

Vinyl record
Ritual 3 Spinning Vinyl

For times of musical self-reflection

Ritual: #3
Release: #1
Release Date: March 22, 2024

Age: At least 4 Years
ABV: 60.6% (Barrel Proof)
Price: $84
Total Bottles: 106

Farmed, distilled, and aged by Kennay Farms Distilling, Rochelle Illinois

Bottled by our friends at Nobleton’s Distilling House
Union, Franklin County Missouri, USA.

Farm-to-Bottle Distiller
140+ years of farming

51% Rye
30% Wheat
19% Corn

Tasting Notes:
On the nose, this rye exudes rich fudge-filled brownies with apricot jam sweetness, underscored by earthy birch and freshly cracked black pepper.

The first sip unleashes spry vanilla and peppery arugula alongside snappy white peppercorns. As the finish lingers, sweet cherry cordials and supple leather emerge.

Blender's Story:
Nestled in the town of Rochelle, Illinois, just 4 hours north of St. Louis, resides the historic Kennay Farms Distillery. Occupying a converted 1930s movie theater that once hosted the close-knit farming community, Kennay Farms now houses their family-run distillery, brewery, and tasting room. The repurposed building echoes six generations of agricultural tradition in Illinois, dating back to the 1880s.

Captured in these bottles is some of Kennay Farms' oldest aged rye whiskey to date. By blending two remarkable 15-gallon barrels, I’ve crafted a whiskey that evokes nights filled with cherished records. Letting the music guide your evening into self-reflective meditation.

I hand-selected these barrels seeking to strike that perfect chord - like band members blending their sounds into artistic harmony. Drawn from generations of distilling expertise, this rye whiskey release is my tribute to the phenomenon of finding the right song the the right moment.

-Minister of Blending Steve Nease

How to buy it:
We currently only sell our whiskey at special events at the Perennial Brewing location. Follow our email list to find out about our next sale.

At Common Ritual, we're on a mission to connect whiskey lovers to the diverse cultures and traditions that exist everywhere.


As an independent bottler, we focus on farm-to-bottle distilleries with deep connections to their land and communities. We see ourselves as stewards of their stories and strive to tell new stories with those foundations.

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Purchase during special events at Perennial Artisan Ales Brewery & Taste Room. Subscribe to our email to hear about our next sale.

8125 Michigan Ave. St Louis, MO 63111

Perennial building. Wheelchair accessible.
Common Ritual bottle
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