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Ritual 2 
Sow and Grow

Ritual 2
Sow and Grow

Double Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Ritual 2 
Sow and Grow

A whiskey that celebrates the intent, anticipation, and growth of starting something new.

Ritual: #2
Release: #1
Release Date: Nov 17, 2023

Age: At least 7 Years
ABV: 59.2% (Barrel Proof)
Price: $84
Total Bottles: 123

Farmed, distilled, and aged by our friends at Nobleton’s Distilling House
Union, Franklin County Missouri, USA.

Blender's Story:
Sow and Grow whiskey combines two distinctive barrels we've blended into a seed of a first release. This blend consists of hints of berries, baking spices, and citrus, which unfold across the palate like a garden in bloom.

We're holding back the second barrel for future release so you can experience how this thoughtfully nurtured blend evolves over time, just as a garden sown year after year yields new delights.
-Steven, Minister of Blending

How to buy it:
We currently only sell our whiskey at special events at the Perennial Brewing location. Follow our email list to find out about our next sale.

At Common Ritual, we're on a mission to connect whiskey lovers to the diverse cultures and traditions that exist everywhere.


As an independent bottler, we focus on farm-to-bottle distilleries with deep connections to their land and communities. We see ourselves as stewards of their stories and strive to tell new stories with those foundations.

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Purchase during special events at Perennial Artisan Ales Brewery & Taste Room. Subscribe to our email to hear about our next sale.

8125 Michigan Ave. St Louis, MO 63111

Perennial building. Wheelchair accessible.
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